The BuyNearby™ Platform

Lastmile was founded to solve a hard problem –
how do we truly & fully represent a store online in
as close to real-time as possible?

After taking a hard look at existing “local marketing” technologies, we realized that most providers were trying to re-package the same, existing e-commerce and digital advertising concepts and tech into a “local” solution that they really weren’t built to support.

That’s why we decided to start completely fresh. The BuyNearby™ platform is architected from the ground-up solely and exclusively to enable even the largest retailers to efficiently and effectively manage their local marketing – across any relevant channel, at scale.

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Our Unique Approach

  • Advanced Local Data Model
    Our system is built to capture and syndicate virtually every type of content related to your local business from real-time inventory to events to career listings and more.
  • Patent-Pending Site Architecture
    Lastmile’s capabilities create transaction-ready, localized websites that are automatically kept up to date with your latest content and continuously optimized for local search down to the service and offering level.
  • Enterprise-grade Performance
    The BuyNearby™ Platform supports the most demanding enterprise applications, processing high volumes of data and page visitors per day. We also utilize a cutting-edge technology stack and employ the latest design principles to ensure our system passes the most stringent performance, security and reliability stress tests.
  • Powerful Data Tool Suite
    Lastmile designed our platform to work with nearly any existing client data source out of the box, without any changes to your data or creating additional IT work. Our suite of data tools can often clean and augment even the trickiest data sources
  • Turnkey Partner Integrations
    Lastmile also has built-in integrations with many of the most common enterprise-grade systems you need for omni-channel marketing. This includes everything from Appointment Booking to Analytics or Ecommerce to CRM. Irregardless, the BuyNearby™ Platform seamlessly connects and turns these capabilities into perfectly formatted feeds to power downstream systems and internal applications.
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