unlock your local advantage online

Lastmile bridges the gap between the 80% of shoppers that research online and the 90% of sales that happen offline.

unlock your local advantage online

Boost in-store and online sales by aligning your digital presence with how today's consumers actually shop.

Local Motive™ Omni-Channel Platform

Lastmile's Local Motive™ platform unlocks brick and mortar’s hidden growth potential by reaching online shoppers at the moment they show local intent increasing both online and in-store buying. We have everything you need to create a leading omni-channel shopper experience online.

Digital Storefronts

Lastmile eliminates all of the headaches of both managing local ad feeds and ensuring an on-brand local experience in one easy solution.

  • Fully branded and customized landing pages
  • Support for first-party data collection and analytics
  • Drives traffic to your domain
  • Full set of engagement options beyond just showing stock
  • Fully integrates promotions and other branded content Google doesn’t support
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Local Search & Marketing

Lastmile uses local context as an immediate way to differentiate from generic e-commerce results by:

  • Exactly matching query content with results that show both location and product or service terms
  • Ranking on first page over 75% of the time for related local product and service searches
  • Linking directly to localized pages relevant to both the location and content of the query
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Enhanced Store Locator

Lastmile instantly adds the local content and capabilities your shoppers demand to your existing store locator.

  • "Shop this store" links to our full Digital Storefront shopping experience
  • Top products in-store at each store as well as the ability to instantly search the entire store’s inventory
  • Local promotions that links back to lists of in-stock products making your sales directly shoppable. 
  • Local insights that track results at the store, product and service level to help quantify online to offline impact & ROI 
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Omni-channel Reporting

Lastmile changes the game by giving you meaningful insights into local performance that you can put to work, including:

  • Integrated local reporting tools to track visits and sales
  • Consolidates local intelligence across vendors and channels into a single dashboard
  • Extremely granular insight into the brands, categories and products users are engaging with at each store location
  • Sophisticated attribution model that pulls in e-commerce and in-store actuals to accurately predict revenue and ROI
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7,000,000daily in-stock items

10k+first-page local searches

10%+visit to lead conversion rates

5xclick-thru rates & store finder leads

1,000,000+local shoppers reached

14,000+stores serviced

From browse to buy, we bring your local advantage online.

We understand the mindset, motivations and needs of local shoppers and give them what they demand—an easy way to find and buy in-stock nearby products and services online.

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