Customer Journey


The way we shop locally has changed, but with Lastmile, so have your options.

Today’s Shopper

Over 90% of purchases take place in-store, but over 80% of shoppers start their research online first. To win local shoppers online, you need to reach them with the right content in the moments that matter.

6 in 10

Internet users check stock before visiting a store


Of shoppers want to see local sales and promos online


Of shoppers visit a store within a day of local search


Of shoppers have ordered or reserved online for pickup

We Know How To Win Local Shoppers

Shoppers need to be motivated on multiple levels before they’re willing to buy.

Our proprietary methodology – the “Heart, Head, Hands and Voice” approach first connects on an emotional level, then provides shoppers with the information and tools to make purchasing satisfying and easy.

Hearts: Discover

Give Shoppers an Excuse to Buy

Every search and website visits is an opportunity to create a meaningful connection with a shopper.

This is accomplished by matching both the context and intent of the shopper through thoughtful messaging and placement that speaks directly to their local needs.

Lastmile Local Insights Reporting Icon
Heads: Decide 

Give Shoppers a Reason to Buy

When a prospect is moved emotionally from the discovery phase, their intellectual curiosity is peaked, and they are primed for logical influence.

We can now arm shoppers with relevant content and creative such as local stock status, pricing, promotions and product details on the landing pages and experiences that provide.

Hands: Buy 

Make it simple to interact and transact

This is the most crucial step in the prospect’s journey. With the desire to buy, we arm our ideal prospects with the tools they need to decide and commit. We remove any roadblocks or friction from the process with both online and offline buying options.

Voice: Measure & Advocate 

Understand your shoppers & turn them into allies

To measure success and increase loyalty, we look to fully understand what drove shoppers to buy (or not) and the details of their experience. We use this information to craft thoughtful follow up messages to the consumer and provide the tools to re-engage. This creates advocacy and referrals such as tell a friend, social media sharing and posted reviews.


We leverage our unique understanding of local shoppers in every aspect of our solution

Legend: Search & Ads

Send the right message, to the 

right shoppers at the right time

1. Positioning – top of page is top of mind

2. Relevance – the result content matches the location and  product queried

3. Connection – speak to why they’re searching locally and create urgency

4. Buying Options – show them its in stock and let them buy on their terms

5. Differentiation – stand out from competitors in both rank and relevance

Legend:  Digital Storefronts

Your local stores deserve a online shopping experience of their own. Lastmile gives your shoppers everything they need to choose your store.

1. Emotional Connection – the first step in the shopper purchase journey – give them an excuse to buy

2. Localization – context is king  to creating relevant, engaging experiences

3. Urgency – essential and standard sales practice which drives shoppers into your stores

4. Buying Options – we make it easy for shoppers to purchase from you on their terms

5. Stock Status – today’s shoppers demand to know before they go

6. Incentive – Put your sales and promotions in-store or online – front and center.

7. Advocacy – Empower your customers to share their experience or leave a review

8. Range of Options – Make it easy for shoppers to see other in-stock options & browse the store

9. Upsell Opportunity – put your inventory and sales data to work to recommend additional items your shoppers will want


It doesn’t cost anything to see what you’re missing.  

Lastmile is here to help you find solutions.  Schedule a demo today.