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win today's local shopper

To win local shoppers online, you need to reach them with the right content in the moments that matter.

win today's local shopper

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Lastmile's "Inventory Everywhere" capabilities reach your nearby shoppers online.

90% of retail sales are in physical stores - U.S. Census
50% of mobile searches lead to a store visit in a day - Google
80% of shoppers go online before in-store -PWC Total Retail

We show customers in-stock products at stores closest to them at the moment they are poised to purchase. Our compelling page-one local search results and accompanying conversion effective landing pages turn your online shoppers into in-store buyers and product ambassadors.


Give Shoppers an Excuse to Buy

We match our content to both the location and intent of the shopper through thoughtful messaging and placement that speaks directly to their needs.


Give Shoppers a Reason to Buy

We arm shoppers with relevant content and creative such as local stock status, pricing, promotions and product details on the landing pages and experiences that provide incentive to purchase.


Give Shoppers an Easy Way to Buy

We arm shoppers with the tools they need to decide and commit. We remove any roadblocks or friction from the process with both online and offline buying options.


Give Shoppers a Way to Advocate

We craft thoughtful follow up messages to the buyer and the tools to re-engage. This creates advocacy and referrals such as tell a friend, social media sharing and posted reviews.

We motivate shoppers as they are poised to buy.

Our platform reaches everywhere a shopper shows local intent including store finders search engines and paid channels, driving them to localized "digital store fronts" creating exceptional in-store revenue client ROI.

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