Creating Effective Local Search Results

Local Search Results that Work

Search is your company’s “foot in the door” to online shoppers. Unlike visitors to your site, shoppers in search have generally not already decided on where they’re going to purchase – especially when they want to buy local. To win the sale, not only do you have to rank for shoppers local queries, but you need content and taglines that are contextually relevant and cater to shopper’s immediate need.

At Lastmile we have identified seven elements of an effective search result post, those that are clicked upon at industry-best rates. For your post to attain maximum results and return on investment it is essential that you integrate the following elements into your posts.

  • Page 1 rank
  • Localization
  • Emotional Connection
  • In-Stock Status
  • Urgency
  • Buying Options

Page 1 Ranking

If your post is not visible it never gets clicked upon. Industry statistics inform us that Page 1 positioned results garner 85% of all shopper clicks. Paid posts reside in the top 4 positions typically and receive 40% of shopper clicks, while organic posts appear below paid posts and garner 45% of the click action. Simply put, you got to be in it to win it!


Shoppers are becoming increasingly savvy in their searches. Location based search has grown 34 X since 2011. These shoppers are poised to purchase and buy at highest rates. For example, shoppers utilize such search terms as: iPhone Houston Texas or iPhone 11563.

Emotional Connection

During the shopper “path to purchase” search phase, we first connect with shoppers on an emotional level before we can provide them with the logic to make a rational decision. We refer to this as the “Heart, Head, Hands and Voice” approach. Win their hearts first, and then overcome any objections in their head, and then (and only then) will they vote with their hands (take actions we desire) and make high conversion product testimonials-reviews and peer-to-peer referrals with their voices.

In-Stock Status

This is the most prevalent shopper demand with some 74% of U.S consumers seeking such information prior to visiting a store and making a purchase.


This is selling 101 and conveys a sense of urgency to the shopper. Taglines such as “Today Only”, “Product is Moving Fast”, “Coupon Valid this Week” and “Limited Product Sale” promote the idea that the “clock is ticking” so act now to get the very best deal possible. These are effective as the below shopper statistics show. 50% of shoppers and 72% of mobile shoppers visit a store within one day of a successful search.

Buying Options

90% of shoppers seek multiple “buy options” that make their purchase fluid & simple such as:

  • Buy online and pickup in-store
  • Reserve for pickup
  • Make an in-store appointment
  • Speak or “chat” with store personnel
  • Request directions to store
  • Schedule a ride to store
  • View Similar Products & Accessories
  • Ship to home


We refer to “buying incentives” as the “icing on the cake”, the final “reason to buy”. Once a shopper has located an in-stock product at a nearby store, they seek a deal. This is our opportunity to close the sale. We can expedite the close by offering incentives such as:

  • Redeem Coupon
  • Post a Product Review
  • Read Peer Product Reviews
  • Join Our Loyalty Program
  • Enter Our Sweepstakes
  • Tell a Friend

End Result?

Retailers that use these principles are able to turn local search into a significant competitive advantage. Not only do their results stand out from e-commerce focused competitors results, their superior local relevance gives shoppers a reason to choose the retailer, ultimately leading to significantly higher click-through rates and dramatic gains in both online and in-store conversions.

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