4 steps to a successful online to offline shopper journey

Setup your site for local success

Winning the sale requires reaching today’s shopper in the moments that matter with the right messaging, content and experience. Over the course of three years, Lastmile developed a proprietary methodology to help retailers master their omni-channel marketing and earn their customers loyalty when they’re looking for nearby buying options.

During the shopper’s “path to purchase” we first connect on an emotional level before we can provide them with the logic to make a rational decision. We refer to this as the “Heart, Head, Hands and Voice” approach. Win their hearts first, and then overcome any objections in their head, and then (and only then) will they vote with their hands (take actions we desire) and make high conversion product testimonials-reviews and peer-to-peer referrals with their voices.

Hearts – Discover

“Give Them an Excuse to Buy”

Behavior change begins the moment our online shopper connects emotionally with our messaging framework. This connection could occur through a localized search result, a Google Adword tagline, localized Facebook advertisement, mobile message or banner advertisement that captures their imagination and interest.

Emotional connector messages such as, “Experience it for Yourself”, “You Deserve the Best”, “Lead your Peers” or “Have it First” can be embedded within our search result posts. In addition, localization can reach the shopper’s heart with content such as local weather and messages from the store and bios on local staff. Peer testimonials on landing pages are yet another way to provide a strong emotional appeal.

Heads – Decide

“Give Them a Reason to Buy”

When a shopper is moved emotionally from the discovery phase, their intellectual curiosity is peaked, and they are primed for influence which leads to taking an action we want. This activation stage is about arming your ideal prospect with the tools and information they need to make an informed decision and take the desired action. This is found on our landing pages with such logical backfill information as product specifications, warranties, accessories or similar products.

Hands – Buy

“Make Buying Simple”

This is the most crucial step in the shopper’s journey. With the desire to purchase, we arm our ideal shoppers with the tools they need to decide and commit. Transactions are not the exclusive domain of a monetary exchange. Rather, when we focus on transactions, we are looking for all the ways that your ideal prospect can take actions that satisfy their needs. We have found that providing buyers with multiple buy options creates a fluid manner for purchase. Such effective buying options include:

  • Make an Appointment
  • Call Store
  • Download Directions
  • Buy for Pickup
  • Reserve for in-store Pickup
  • Ship to Home
  • Schedule a Ride to Store

In addition, we have found that providing the shopper with incentives and discounts dramatically increase sales. Such landing page presented incentive options include:

  • Redeem a Coupon
  • Enter our Sweepstakes
  • Join our Loyalty Program – receive 15% off purchase

Voice – Measure & Advocate

“Crating Allies – Spreading the Word”

The final stage of the consumer’s journey is advocacy. This is after the ideal prospect has taken the desired action in the previous stage and wants to share the experience they have just had with us. Advocacy is the strongest indicator of a successful shopper journey and transition as we have essentially converted a single prospect into a vocal supporter of our movement.

This is found on our landing pages and includes button option items such as:

  • Tell a Friend
  • Post a Product Evaluation

These types of peer-to-peer influences garner a industry-highest conversion or sale rate! Simply put, we tend to trust and heed the advice of friends, relatives & peers.

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