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Lastmile uses location to give you a competitive online marketing advantage.

Our Local Shopping Platform

Lastmile’s patent-pending omni-channel platform provides your company or brand with a unique set of tools to directly promote local products and services to interested nearby customers. 

The result is an unparalleled online to offline shopper experience with high click through rates, industry leading conversion rates and measurable ROI Impact.

See the Lastmile Difference

Reach qualified shoppers with the right message at the moment they’re poised to purchase

When a shopper searches locally, even the best marketing will fall flat if it isn’t locally relevant to their need. The foundation of Lastmile’s success is the ability to perfectly match the local context of what your shoppers are looking for.   

Organic Search & Local Ads

1/3 of searches are local, but 0% of e-commerce search results are localized

Although local search has grown by 34x since 2011, today’s organic search and retail search ads largely fail to include the location information that consumers need.  The result is your missed opportunity, with shoppers drowning in a “sea of sameness” of search results and ads that literally all look the same. Lastmile is different.

Today’s Search

Most retailers rank in less than 20% of local searches related to in-stock products. Even when they do rank, the results:

1.  Limited relevance – matches the product but is explicitly missing the location term the shopper entered

2.  No connection to the product’s actual stock in nearby stores

3.  Low rank and completely undifferentiated from competitors e-commerce results

Lastmile Search

Lastmile uses local context as an immediate way to differentiate from generic e-commerce results by:

1.  Exactly matching query content with results that show both location and product or service terms

2.  Ranking on first page over 75% of the time for related local product and service searches

3.  Linking directly to localized pages relevant to both the location and content of the query

Lastmile makes our clients organic results and search ads stand out from the competition with more relevant placement, messaging and content. 

Store Locators

More shoppers demand local inventory browsing than any other feature, however only 1/3 of retailers put inventory online.


When a shopper visits your store locator from a map listing or search result, they’re looking for more than just directions.  They want a seamless path to local purchase. Too often however, today’s store finders are digital dead-ends that result in frustrated shoppers and lost sales.

Generic Store Locator
generic store locator full

Without rich local content, your store locator does nothing to motivate shoppers to visit your stores and buy.

1. Limited SEO value – without rich content or optimization these pages are practically invisible in search

2.  Limited engagement – the only option is to call or get directions 

3.  Limited insight – no way to measure offline impact or determine the specific offering the shopper was interested in

4.  Lost Sales – without a direct path to purchase, retailers forfeit both in-store sales and potential ecommerce referrals

Lastmile  Store Locator

Lastmile instantly adds the local content and capabilities your shoppers demand to your existing store locator.

1.  “Shop this store” links to our full Digital Storefront shopping experience

2.  Top products in-store at each store as well as the ability to instantly search the entire store’s inventory

3.  Local promotions that links back to lists of in-stock products making your sales directly shoppable. 

4.  Local insights that track results at the store, product and service level to help quantify online to offline impact & ROI 

Lastmile transforms your store-locator into a full local shopping experience to provide your shoppers with a compelling path to local purchase. 


Our modular solution is designed to work with both in-house solutions your team created, built-in solutions from top e-commerce platforms and solutions from top presence management vendors.  

Online to Offline Capabilities

The way we shop has changed – 90% of online shoppers seek multiple buying options when shopping online.

80% of shoppers research your products and services online before buying offline. Despite this massive opportunity to win sales, even today’s top retailers struggle to deliver quality omni-channel experiences that consumers demand.


Instead of hiding local stock and buying options, Lastmile puts local options directly in front of your shoppers when they want them providing the instant gratification and flexibility they crave.  

Today’s Omni-channel Experience

On most retailer e-commerce sites, local is an afterthought if it even exists at all.

1.  Difficult to find the “find in store” option is often buried and easy to miss

2.  Difficult to use – no store browsing and convoluted workflow to check stock

3.  Limited Options – only provides one way to buy – doesn’t show alternatives or other nearby stores with stock

4.  Frustrating – often cited as a top customer pain point and reason for leaving retailer’s site

Lastmile’s Omni-channel Experience
LastMile local stock, bopis and reserve solution

Lastmile seamlessly integrates with e-commerces sites and apps through drop-in code or API.

1.  Proactively shows local options (when and only when they exist)

2.  Add reserve & appointment features with built in tools and workflows that significantly increase conversion rates

3.  Show multiple local products such as similar products at the store or in-stock alternatives to incentivize upsell and visit

4.  Link to digital storefronts where shoppers can shop your full range of offerings in their nearest store and region

Making it easier to find and buy locally is a simple way to increase foot traffic, sales and e-commerce conversion rates. Lastmile gives you an easy way to quickly add these options to your store-finder without an expensive re-design or overhaul.

Local Reporting

Today’s shopper may touch as many as a a dozen of your online properties such as map and directory listings, store locator and ecommerce pages before they buy in store. Unfortunately, even today’s most sophisticated ecommerce analytics platforms simply weren’t built to track and measure online to offline engagement across channels.


Lastmile changes the game by consolidating all of your local reporting into one modern dashboard that measure engagement down to the specific local product and can even track visits and in-store sales.

Local Reporting 

Today’s e-commerce analytics tools simply weren’t built for local. As a result:

1.  No visibility across points of presence (e.g. store locator, local seo, directory listings, social, advertisements, etc)

2.  Very basic metrics like call and navigate clicks – no way to measure product or brand intent

3.  Extremely limited attribution online to offline

4.  Siloed data across multiple vendor systems and dashboards makes it impossible to compare channels and solutions

Local Intelligence

Lastmile changes the game by giving you meaningful insights into local performance that you can put to work, including:

1. Integrated local reporting tools to track visits and sales

2.  Consolidates local intelligence across vendors and channels into a single dashboard

3.  Extremely granular insight into the brands, categories and products users are engaging with at each store location

4.  Sophisticated attribution model that pulls in e-commerce and in-store actuals to accurately predict revenue and ROI

With Lastmile, you can get direct credit for in-store sales your digital properties help enable. We provide a single, consolidated dashboard to track and measure the full scope of online to offline shopper engagement across all of your customer touch points. 

Merchant Hosted Local Storefronts

50% of mobile shoppers visit a store within a day of local search. Make sure its
your store they visit.

Lastmile’s platform enables retailers to start localizing their advertising from day one. The platform automatically provisions local inventory and product feeds and our localized landing pages support all the requirements for  “Merchant Hosted Storefronts” out of the box. 


Google’s Generic


Google, Bing and Facebook all offer excellent local advertising products however, most retailer’s don’t meet requirements to use their own landing pages and are forced to use the generic version.

1.  Single generic template with extremely limited branding options

2.  Hosted by ad provider so it doesn’t boost your site traffic and provides limited analytics insight

3.  Limited to stock status and buy button, can’t show shoppers full range of options like reserve, appointments, etc

4.  No way to display promotions or other branded content

Branded Storefronts

Lastmile eliminates all of the headaches of both managing local ad feeds and ensuring an on-brand local experience in one easy solution.

1.  Fully branded and customized landing pages

2.  Support for first-party data collection and analytics 

3.  Drives traffic to your domain

4.  Full set of engagement options beyond just showing stock

5.  Fully integrates promotions and other branded content Google doesn’t support

You can reach more local shoppers while still giving them the experience they deserve. Lastmile instantly enables the latest local advertising solutions on the market, without forcing you to compromise.The entire solution works out of the box so you can start running ads in days not months.

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