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Frequently Answered Questions


Can Lastmile help my company?

Yes we can dramatically increase both in-store and online sales if your company has physical store locations with or without a current website. If you do not have a current business website, we will build a world-class solution for you. If you have a current business website, it is most likely not built to drive in-store sales.

Even the best websites often lack the nearby store information and local purchase tools shoppers demand to find and buy from your nearby stores. We can you with that transition as well.

What problem can Lastmile help my company solve?

A BIG one. Over the last 10 years, the way consumers shop has fundamentally changed. While 90% of sales ultimately take place in-store, the first-place consumers go to begin their shopping journey is online, but today’s retail websites are designed to showcase online, not in-store products. Consequently, many physical retailers and brands miss out on these nearby, interested shoppers either in popular channels like search engines, or in many cases, even their own websites. The result? They’re sacrificing their major location advantage online.

How is Lastmile different from other solutions?

In a few ways let’s cover three of them:

  • Depth: today’s local marketing solutions typically can’t extend to the inventory level, which often means they are lacking the information consumers want to see most when making a buying decision.
  • Approach: instead of trying to wedge local information and marketing into an ecommerce template built for catalog shipping sales, we created a new way to list and organize in-store products that we call the digital storefront. This unique approach lets consumers browse physical stores just as easily as they shop online and allows us to directly promote local products in a totally new way.
  • Scale: at the heart of LastMile is a proprietary data framework that lets us work with any existing inventory source to keep your storefronts up to date and accurate from one store and dozens of products to thousands of stores and millions of products. We can often get clients onboard with little to direct work with their in-house IT.

Can Lastmile segment visitor traffic by product and location?

We sure can! And better yet, you can too. Every LastMile retail customer gains access to a reporting dashboard which allows them to analyze lots of data. As part of this, retailers can segment traffic according to both product and location dimensions to answer questions like “which brands are most searched for in this area” and “what products are creating the most online to offline sales for this store”. Through our Local Search Suite, we create a new type of content that ranks in a new type of search for you and can segment search traffic out as new and incremental. Through the Store Finder Extension, we can append all metrics according to their source and give you a clear breakdown of where users came from and what specific action they took. The metrics we can generate are highly useful in understanding how customers interact with your local stores from your website and search.

Can Lastmile turn online data into Local Insights?

Completely addicted to data? Us too. That’s why we give you an interactive web dashboard that allows you to understand how online behavior impacts in store sales. Our reporting dashboard allows you to measure:

  • Online engagement at the store and stock level
  • The impact of digital marketing on in-store sales
  • Product and brand engagement across stores and regions

How do we start-up?

It’s seamless for the retailer (that’s you). We handle all the technical details including pulling inventory records from your store’s systems, creating online product listings on LastMile’s website and optimizing your product listings pages to appear in search and ads. In many cases all we need is an inventory feed in your existing format, and in some cases, we can even get everything from your existing website. The go-live process typically takes only 6 weeks!

LastMile is specifically engineered to only rank in the types of local searches that you do not rank for today.

How much will our search rankings improve?

In our past programs, 75% or more of the listing pages we create rank on the first page consistently.

Most of your in-store products, brands and categories will rank in localized searches, increasing your keyword results by hundreds of thousands if not millions of specific queries.

To clarify, we’re not optimizing your existing pages – LastMile’s proprietary methodology creates an entirely new set of localized content and pages that allows you to rank in a wide range of local searches that your existing ecommerce product pages do not. These include:

  • Localized product queries “silicon phone case new york”
  • Locally available brands “acme headphones manhattan”
  • Localized brand and category queries “diamond earrings midtown east”


Will our existing SEO / SEM be negatively impacted?

Nope. LastMile pages only rank for localized queries that include a location term e.g., “brooklyn ny” or local modifier like “nearby”. In this way, we add search presence for a new kind of queries you’re not optimized against today.

Our onboarding process leverages your existing data sources and web assets to get you live within weeks with little to no ongoing maintenance and our services include:

  • Dedicated account manager
  • One-time inventory data integration
  • Works with any existing inventory data

What does Lastmile charge for their services?

If you’re interested in trying the LastMile’s “Local Motive” omni-channel shopper platform, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!

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